Monday, 21 September 2015

Gamer Dating Sites - The Truth About Them

This is my way of finding out the best places for gamer dating sites and what is good about them (and bad). I'll be reviewing the ways that you can find a girl or guy of your dreams that has the same interests from the sites out there that offer a nerdy dating service for people like that gaming.

Why am I doing this? Well, I met my (now) wife on a gamerdating site and couldn't be happier so as I've been in the situation that you might be right now - feeling pretty bad about yourself, not managing to find a girl that likes the same things as you do, feeling pretty lonely and needing that female touch...(you know what I mean...) then I just want to have your back and say that you CAN find someone just like I did.

I've been writing online for a few years, I'm not a journalist by any means, but I like to 'speak' to people that might be in the same boat. I have a few blogs that I write and a few companies ask me to write for their websites too, so I just like to get my opinion and voice out there and think that I'm fairly unbiased and truthful (unless I've broken something of hers...) and that people can relate to me.

OK, enough of that About Me stuff. Let's have a look at those Gamer Dating sites and see what we can uncover.

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