Thursday, 24 September 2015

Nerd Dating - Is it Alright to Call You That?

Nerds. Some people may find that offensive, but I don't. I love being a nerd. It's better than being a prick, a gang banger or a jock, in my opinion. We make learning or having knowledge cool. We make dumb people get angry at themselves for being dumb, but they're so dumb that they don't know how to stop being dumb.

Yeah. I like being a nerd mainly for that last fact.

Nerds still need to find love. Nerd dating is a real thing. I'm not going to say it's easy to find the girl or guy of your dreams if you're a nerd as it's a small market but someone somewhere will love you.

What I find to be a great way to find nerds to date is to look at gamer girl dating websites. Even if you're not into gaming that much (seriously though, you're not?) then I'm sure you could enjoy a few games as an ice-breaker to meet a nerd and get a date with her.

Gamer dating is nerd dating, in a nutshell. Gamers take on games with a huge amount of effort, time, money, patience, skill and strategy that they can't not be called nerds. That's why if you're a nerd or a gamer, then you should check out a gamer dating site and meet hot gamers.

As I said, it's a small ish market but you just need to hang around, get chatting and get playing with others so that you can possibly sow your seed (I mean in finding someone, not like the rude thing).

I found that when looking for nerds to date, that was a great site for nerd dating as well. All geeks and nerds tend to hang around with gamers, and if you are  into gaming then check out the list of free games you can choose from when you register - take a look at the full list here